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How Do Anti-Obesity Carotenoids Get Rid of Belly Fat?

How Do Anti-Obesity Carotenoids Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Losing weight. It’s probably one of the hardest things anyone with the same dilemma goes through. Couple that with work stress, zero free time, a plethora of food takeaway options to choose from and being cooped up indoors (thanks lockdown), there is seriously no easy way of getting round it. 

We Google “How to lose weight” only to find the answers we already know, scrunch up a few Youtube workout videos, and make an effort in meal prepping our most appetizing looking #healthyfood. And the rest if all up to pure motivation. But why lose weight at all? 

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Countless research shows how obesity or a larger waistline has a much higher correlation to modern day diseases and complications1. So yes, going down a jeans/dress/shirt size is clearly a healthy goal. But have we ever looked into what needs to go? Maybe it’s time to figure out what’s really happening in our body when we put on weight. It’s time to take a closer look at that dreaded biological makeup, fats. What it is, where it is, why it’s there and most importantly, how to get rid of it.


There are 2 types of fat you will need to consider here. The first is Subcutaneous Fat. This is the first layer of fat your body develops that is located between the skin and the outer abdominal wall. Think jiggly underarms and skin, that’s most probably subcutaneous fat. Now, we’re not saying this type of fat is bad. After all, your skin needs some fat to keep you warm or cushion a bad fall. But too much of anything, usually isn’t always good in our experience. 

COCOLAB Trimmax Belly Fat Burner - Subcutaneous vs Visceral Fat


If liposuction is out of the question, you can most definitely get rid of excess Subcutaneous Fat naturally. Exercise is key to losing it. So it’s time to clock in a few minutes a day on the treadmill and run off that jiggliness.


The 2nd type of fat called Visceral Fat. It’s a deeply embedded type of fat that’s almost “hardened” in a sense. Unlike Subcutaneous Fat that lies around the skin, Visceral Fat wraps itself around our organs (Yikes!) which makes it even more difficult to reach to. One of the biggest tell-tale signs of excess Visceral Fat is a belly and in terms of body shape, an apple-shaped body tends to have more visceral fat compared to pear-shaped bodies.


If you’re in a bit of a tummy pickle, you’ve already probably tried working out. From that workout, you’ve managed to shed quite a few inches off your waist. But somehow, it just stops there. There’s no getting past a waistline that resembles a rectangle to your more ideal V-shape or hourglass figure. This is the tricky bit, especially if a 12 week weight-loss boot camp is not going to fit into your busy schedule.


Enter Carotenoids. These compounds have been touted to have anti-obesity powers. Carotenoids are fat-soluble compounds, meaning they are best consumed with a fat for best efficacy. They are found naturally within your body and you can find them in fruits and vegetables such as papayas and carrots too!

COCOLAB Trimmax Belly Fat Burner

A wide range of carotenoid types exist such as alpha, beta, gama carotenoids, lutein and more. Once consumed they can be converted into Vitamin A to be used by the body. They are strong antioxidants. Antioxidants are also important in helping to prevent cancers and reducing oxidative stress and inflammation that lead to weight gain7. Carotenoids also show promising answers to tackling common cardiometabolic diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver4.

COCOLAB Trimmax Belly Fat Burner - carotenoids in breast cancer survivors

When your body has access to these carotenoids, they are converted into vitamin A and they go straight to work, searching for adipose tissues, also known as fat tissues.


You’re not only burning off these fat cells, but you’re also reducing their size. Think of it as fat cells getting a slim down too. In obese individuals, fat cells not only grow in numbers, but more so grow in size. This phenomenon, known as cell hypertrophy, gorges up fat cells. The outer visual effects of hundreds and thousands of these fat cells can be seen as a larger belly, thicker leg girth and arms.

COCOLAB Trimmax Belly Fat Burner - Fat cells shrinking

Internally, this shrinking helps with fatty liver conditions and improve organ health due to less visceral fats accumulating over them. Research has shown that individuals who have a supplementation with pro-vitamin A carotenoids are able to effectively reverse this fat cell enlargement, giving you a leaner body2 . 

The shrinking of fat cells are due to the carotenoids targeting reactive species that contribute to cell engorgement or hypertrophy, which are in large quantities in obese individuals.2 


Trimmax contains a full spectrum of alpha, beta and gamma carotenoids and more specifically pro-vitamin A carotenoids. The unique combination of fat-targeting carotenoids and MCT makes COCOLAB's Trimmax Belly Fat Burner a missile in getting rid of specific cells. Carotenoids on their own have been researched to prevent the accumulation of adipose tissues or fat tissues (in study of specimens with carotenoid supplementation vs. specimens without)5.

It also contains something we’re familiar with called MCT. MCT is no stranger when it comes to weight-loss-inducing diets, aka keto diets. MCT in your system converts into ketones which are a more efficient source of energy compared to glucose and an excess of it does not store as fats in your body. MCT is also able to suppress hunger tendencies, keeping you satiated at all times. (checkout this supercharged MCT C8 for a hunger hack)

COCOLAB MCT C8 Oil for weight loss

This combo of Carotenoids + MCT is 2 punch solution to reducing the size of your waistline, giving you the thermogenic power to burn off excess fat.


But what about that waistline we care so much about? Does Trimmax work in getting rid of the accumulated fat around our tummies? Specific carotenoids like beta-carotene have shown to result in a better waist to hip ratio in clinical studies, not only for stubborn fats, but both visceral and subcutaneous fat6.

In fact, these studies have also shown that after supplementation of carotenoids, they are found to be site-specific on your body, with the concentration at the abdomen being higher than in the thighs or buttocks8. Trimmax consistently works on breaking apart and shrinking fat cells around your abdomen. 

COCOLAB Trimmax Belly Fat Burner - breaking apart fat cells


Trimmax Belly Fat Burner is a great help when it comes to shrinking your waistline. Yes, it gets the job done, but it goes without saying that you shouldn’t rely just on Trimmax for your best self. The best combination takes into account working out consistently, getting enough sleep, setting a good meal plan and supplementing that with Trimmax Belly Fat Burner.

In fact, individuals practising a low-carb, active & healthy lifestyle benefit the most and benefit the fastest from Trimmax. (fuel your body with healthy MCT to get into the low-carb diet)

COCOLAB MCT C8 Powder keto hack

And we may begin sounding like every workout motivational quote out there. But it’s true. The best way to get the best results for your body? A good diet + exercise = surefire way to lose weight. Add in Trimmax Belly Fat Burner to the equation, you’ll be losing those pounds efficiently and shrinking to your ideal waistline sooner.

COCOLAB Trimmax Belly Fat Burner - for belly fat burning

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