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Our Range

COCOLAB caters to your nutritional health and skincare needs with our specially-formulated ranges. 

COCOLAB Nutrition Range.pngBio-active Nutrition

Check out our Bio-active Nutrition range, for the best of health supplements. Take it as it is, include it into your everyday diet or simply incorporate it into your cooking! Our Bio-Active Nutrition range contains specially formulated ingredients to cater to today's world and build a protective barrier against modern day diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Indigestion, High Cholesterol, Obesity and to strengthen the immune system. We also supply VCO softgels for frequent travelers and consumption convenience.


COCOLAB SKINCARE RANGECosmeceuticals & Skincare

If skincare products are your perks, you will love our Cosmeceuticals & Skincare range. Specially designed and formulated to provide an efficacious solution for total skin rejuvenation, completely natural. At COCOLAB, we believe in giving all natural and organic products, free of skin-harming chemicals which damage the skin in the long run. If you believe in long term health for your skin, age backwards with this range.


COCOLAB Skincare Trienol Range.jpgTRIENOL Super Vitamin E Skincare

An all-time best-selling range in our Cosmeceuticals & Skincare range, our TRIENOL Super Vitamin E range combines the miracles of ANH-VCO with another powerful all-natural formulation, Trienol Super Vitamin E Tocotrienols. Vitamin E Tocotrienols is reknowned for healing scars, promote collagen production, deep tissue repair and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. What better combination to go with our Absolute No Heat Virgin Coconut Oil to give you that added glowing radiance. This best selling range gives the skin extra vitality to fight the signs of aging.


COCOLAB MCT Ketones - Medium Chain Triglycerides, C8, C10Nutritional Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

The supplementation of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) has been well-documented in the area of weight management. At COCOLAB, we specialise in providing the full range MCTs, and focused MCTs such as C8/C10 and pure C8, that are not only effective when it comes to achieving results, but convenient and hassle-free. Our non-GMO plant origins for the entire MCT range promises the benefits without the worries. Plus, our MCT range is ketone-friendly for those on a strict diet.

COCOLAB Trimmax Belly Fat Burner range.jpgTrimmax Belly Fat Burner

When it comes to waistline concerns, COCOLAB hosts the best of effective and natural superfood ingredients. Our Trimmax Belly Fat Burner range harnesses focused carotenoids that specifically target visceral fats, or more commonly called, stubborn fats. Fat cell enlargement around organs are often tough to tackle and often times are not removed even after dieting or exercising. The Trimmax Belly Fat Burner narrows in on these stubborn fat cells to reduce difficult waistlines, all the while improving the body. Ready to shed a few pounds or kilos? 


We continuously conduct research to bring you great products that promote greater internal and external health.


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